Business Central Extensions

Company Banner Extension

The Company Banner allows a customisable panel visible at the top of all role center pages displaying company-wide information slides which can be added by adding records to the banner administration table. Each slide in the banner corresponds to a single record in the admin table with information describing the name, type, and content of the slide. A given slide can be three basic types: some text, a single image, an ipanel to an external URL. The slides gradually progress or can be navigated by each user.

DRAT (Drag&Drop Attachments) Extension

The DRAT extension provides a UI upgrade to the attachments factboxes throughout BC allowing drag and drop file attachment and improved attachment visibility.

TREX (TRansfer EXport Import) Extension

The TREX app allows TRansfer, EXport and import of company data as zipped JSON files (from single tables up to a whole company). Useful for backups, restores and quick-starts across BC versions, as well as data transfer to third-party apps.